Amine epoxy GRE line pipe (design as per API-15HR)

  • Product scope:

1、 Diameter:DN40-DN600mm

2、 Pressure:PN1. 0-25Mpa Standards for implementation

1.API 15HR 2.API 15LR

3.SY/T 6267-2006 4.SY/T 6266-2004

  1. DN40-2
  • Temperature tolerance grade

1、Long-term service temperature of acid anhydride cured epoxy system

<65°C,Maximum temperature resistance80°C

2、 Long-term service temperature of aromatic amine cured epoxy system

<93. 3°C,Maximum temperature resistance135°C

  • Minimum Service Temperature of Epoxy Pipeline Products>_35°C

♦Product characteristics:

1、 Excellent corrosion resistance

2、 Good fatigue resistance, product design service life of 20 years

3、 High pressure and high safety factor

4、 Light weight, easy to install

5、 Good sealability in connection with steel pipe

6、 High, medium and low pressure grades meet the requirements of different media transportation

7、 The pipeline is not conductive (it can be designed as conductive product according to the engineering condition), the inner surface is smooth, the friction coefficient is small, and the fluid conveying efficiency is high.

  • The parameters are as follows
Serial No.DNRated PressureDNIDTheoryTheory DNNominalConnection Type
Wall ThicknessLength
1DN401 1/2738.21.7841.89.14API Threaded Connection
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