Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe (RTP)

If you are searching for RTP pipe manufacturers, FGS will be your smartest choice. We are the world-class leading reinforced thermoplastic pipe manufacturer producing a spoolable, reliable RTP solution for transporting hydrocarbons, refined fuels and gases. After reinforcement, strength-to-weight ratio, chemical compatibility, and paraffin buildup resistance of the pipe are greatly elevated. As a result, it has the ability to withstand extreme conditions. 

Reinforced Thermoplastic pipe vs steel pipe

Steel pipes are no longer the optimal choice for pipeline transport. Although the cost of a reinforced thermoplastic pipe might be slightly higher, its versatility and durability are keeping the maintenance costs to a minimum. The structure of a reinforced thermoplastic pipe consists of five layers of protection including an abrasion-resistant outer jacket, an aramid or glass fiber reinforcement, an HDPE base piping, a Tybond layer and an inert hydrocarbon layer, rendering it resistant to extremely corrosive and abrasive environments. They can withstand salt corrosion, H2S/CO2 corrosion. This contributes to a longer lifespan for the entire system without additional costs.

Simple Installation Process

It is usually tough to install steel pipelines often because of heaviness. To commence the installation process, a lot of auxiliary equipment and a big team of technicians are the basic starting kits. While a massive amount of resources are invested, the installation speed, however, still remains 2 km per day. On the contrary, the installation process for RTPs requires less man-power and is less time-consuming because RTP pipes are much lighter than steel pipes. Installation speed can achieve 10 km per day. Apart from reducing the installation time and downtime, the spoolability of RTPs also helps corporates to minimize safety issues while streamlining operations. 

Easy Customization

A reinforced thermoplastic pipe offers a wide spectrum of liner options providing customization to match specific applications. In this case, selected materials’ properties will cater to various operating conditions, thus reducing maintenance and the total cost of ownership. That is why RTP pipeline manufacturers are gaining momentum in the market. 

RTPs For Both Onshore And Offshore Sites

As a versatile reinforced thermoplastic pipeline manufacturer, FGS provides solutions for eliminating the procedure to access right of way for difficult terrains for onshore pipelines. Our pipeline technology allows rapid and low-cost installation and saves the efforts for adding ongoing corrosion inhibitors. As for offshore pipelines, we can help you to minimize ownership expenses with the right-sized pipe. Our flexible design solution can accommodate individual needs in any application. 

Why should you choose FGS as your reinforced thermoplastic pipe manufacturer?

When it comes to RTP pipe manufacturers, an experienced supplier is what you need. FGS has been a game changer in the market for almost 30 years. We have an excellent quality control system at each stage and each part of the development process while selling products at a competitive price. Our reinforced thermoplastic pipe production line is ever-evolving as we keep conducting research on the fiberglass piping products. On top of that, we have a great number of trained and experienced experts who understand the client’s needs and provide the right service promptly at any request.

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