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Since the 1990s, Fiber Glass Solutions (FGS) has been one of the biggest fiberglass piping products manufacturers for oil and gas production. We have been providing technically advanced fiberglass piping systems and fiberglass tanks in Asia for almost 30 years. Unlike the typical fiberglass pipe manufacturers in the USA or any other countries, we are one of the few custom fiberglass piping manufacturers who are specialized in delivering diverse technical solutions to accommodate demands from clients in the oil and gas industry, and the geothermal energy industry.

FGS supplies fiberglass reinforced pipe and piping system solutions.

FGS supplies fiberglass tanks and solutions.

FGS supplies special sucker rods for oil and gas well production, there are fiberglass sucker rods and carbon fiber rods.

FGS supplies good quality fiberglass fittings for fiberglass pipes and tanks.

FGS provides two kinds of fiberglass moulded products, one is SMC fiberglass moulded products and another is BMC fiberglass moulded products.


About Us

About Us

FGS — Fiber Glass Solutions (www.FGSpipes.com) is one of the world-class custom fiberglass piping products manufacturers who have been supplying technically advanced fiberglass tubing systems and fiberglass tanks in Asia for almost 30 years. Our team of professionals continuously develop innovative fiberglass piping solutions to beat the competition in the fiberglass pipe manufacturers USA market and overcome challenges from counterparts in other regions.

Fiberglass pipe, which is commonly referred to as pipes made of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) or Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) that are the materials of choice for smooth transportation across a wide spectrum of fluids and gases regardless of pressures, temperatures, and mediums. These pipes are corrosion-resistant to the effects of seawater, and waste fluid containing acids, alkalis and other corrosive substances. As one of the few custom fiberglass products manufacturers, what we supply is not only confined to typical products, but also fiberglass solutions that are tailor-made for the extreme conditions in oilfields and geothermal power plants. 

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Most fiberglass pipe manufacturers in the USA or other countries focus on developing typical piping products and accessories but FGS does more than that. FGS not only provides fiber glass products and solutions, but also provides training and wellsite services. As one of the leading custom fiberglass manufacturers of piping products, we are experienced with downhole tubing for building tailpipes in addition to installing high pressure fiberglass pipes for well casings.



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FGS is a professional supplier for GRE tubing for geothermal application.
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